Tuesday, March 19, 2013

my girl..

like any normal mothers and daughter, we have our moments but more often than not i actually enjoy my girls adn find them fascinating.

last night my middle girl, abby, rocked the basketball court. not more than any other girl EVER, i'm not one of those parents. i am clear that all my kids are just run of the mill kids and i like myself for knowing that.

side thought.. i wish more other people would realize that there are actually very few phenoms..and your kid isn't one of them...wait...saving that thought for another blog

back to abby and her game last night... keep in mind that the girl in this story is a whoping 5'3" and 108 lbs dripping wet. one of the smallest JV players

i have always said that the life lessons learned in sports are soooooo valueable. Last night as we took on one of the bitchiest, nastiest, and dirtiest high school in our area my daughter (and her team mates) fought fearlessly for their win. she isn't the best shot, she rarely hits the 3 pointer and for some reason free throws aren't her thing either. she is a good defender and played to her strengths. even after having a punch thrown at her, she was fierce. she was determined. they were determined. and they did whatever it took to get that win. which they did.

i will be proud to send that young woman out into the world in a few years if she carries that determination

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