Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Multigenerational By Choice

 know the stigma. i don't care.

my roots are irish and cherokee

my momma is very true to her native american traditions and has been pushing for a multigenerational home since i left for the navy more than 20 yrs ago.

i am financially stable on my own with reasonable future financial plans.

several months ago, my momma moved to the town where my children and i reside and bought a huge home with 4 acres and a pool. talk about bribing the grandkids.

my brother and his young son followed soon after

i became the caretaker of two homes, by choice. it's just what i do.

i do most of the cooking at momma's and all of the cooking at my own place when we aren't sharing meals out there. my momma's cholesterol, BP, and energy levels have improved with the family around her and my healthy cooking.

she has proposed that we all make the move out there. i agreed under the condition that we all have our own space. she agreed and the home will be broken up in to 'wings,' if you will. this will allow for each adult child to have their own private space within reasonable proximity to their own children. the final sq ft will be in excess of 8200.

we broke ground on the addition a couple of weeks ago and it will even include an additional full outdoor kitchen. it will be lovely and i'm stoked

i have researched about the trends and can predict a couple of minor conflict that may occur over time. these are by far outweighed by the benefits of the multigenerational home.

anyone with current or past experience or tips, please share!

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